Welcome to Bricks for the People!

All of us can use some fun these days. A new challenge, a 3D puzzle-like activity, some family fun, a boost for the brain. LEGO is a great way to energize your mind and ignite your imagination. But buying new sets can be EXPENSIVE! Buying used, bulk bricks can be tricky, messy, and time-consuming to sort, clean, and build with.
Now there’s another option--Bricks For the People! We buy, clean, sort, and build with the bulk bricks so that we can sell customized models and used sets to you for your building fun...at HALF the PRICE.
The colors aren’t always going to be exact. The stickers are most likely long gone. And the mini-figs won’t be the exact ones that originally came with the set. But if you want a nice set of LEGO to build with, one that you know can be assembled into one cool set (if you decide to build it), then you’ve found the right place.
Looking for a retired set, but don’t want to pay a wad of cash to get it? Let us know which set you want, and we’ll build it for you and ship it to you for a price you can afford.

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